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Peanuts First Ride!

Today was a beautiful, clear day and I was home early from work. I couldn’t resist doing some saddle work with Peanut. He stood quietly in the barn aisle (well, his feet weren’t moving…just his big mouth). He touched, tasted and stomped on both the saddle pad and my beloved Brainard saddle (ouch!). Its a good thing I don’t think this saddle will fit him for long! He accepted saddling on the first try. The cinch meant nothing to him…

In all honesty, I did not expect this process to go so smoothly or so quickly…and since there was plenty of daylight, I continued on. First I set him out on our ‘track’ and had Doc take him for a run with his new appendage. He had a few very small bucks in him at the canter, but not much excitement…all in all.

So…feeling lucky, I decided to press on.

BTW, I love this horse….he makes my butt look small!

Its a long way up there! Even with my ungraceful start, he was pretty interested in this new developement and waited to see what was gonna happen next.

He kept ahold of the end of the lead rope, just in case!
Success! He’s actually more interested in Mom and the camera than me on his back!

Alittle lateral flexion…soft on both sides. What a good boy!

Rope over the head…no problem!

Notice little Magic keeping a close eye on the goings on here….’How can I get up there!’

A five minute ride…I couldn’t be happier!~

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  1. Ashley says

    Yee Haw!! I just love the big Peanut Man! Congratulations on your first ride. What a great day and I’m so glad you got pictures to document it.

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