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Spirit’s hoof rehab

Spirit is a mini that I rescued in December. Since I have such an interest in feet, I thought it would be cool to record the changes in his hoof quality with regular trimming. On his arrival, it was clear that Spirit’s feet had recieved little attention in the previous few months. He had bad thrush infections in all four feet..tiny necrotic frogs and alot of false sole in reaction to the frog weakness. Below you will see his left hind…pre-trim, then post first trim (you will see the false sole and lack of concavity)…then post third trim (where you will see normal concavity and a healthy frog)…a thing of beauty! This foot was in the best shape (and the photos were the best) so it is presented here. But the remining 3 feet are coming along as well. As the frog health improves, so does the rest of the foot. I’ve used Eclipse wound cleanser with each trim. We’ve had cold hard conditions here in New England which has helped the cause tremendously as well. I really like Cleantrax for thrush infections but in the winter it is difficult to impossible to apply successfully.

Comments welcome…I’m pretty happy with his progress!

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  1. Ashley says

    Pretty after picture, it is amazing how quickly you were able to turn his feet around.

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