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I’ve known a few roosters in my day. Some are calm and gentile with the ladies, others are just outright ‘peckers’ and are abusive. The dominant, out going rooster has its benefits in regard to predator control, but they can get out of hand with kids and visitors.

We had such rooster in our midst. Fooled by his youth and good looks, we tolerated his bizarre aggressive behavior UNTIL he stabbed my poor mother in the leg. Being on coumadin (a blood thinner), this was unacceptable. 2 days ago he attacked my two nieces and a nephew…scaring the crap out of them. Mom and I both agreed a rooster stew was on the menu!

My bother, Bear and his family were here. He had brought his rifle, as I was wanting a certain fox eliminated. Once our new objective was clarified, the shooting began. I shooed the rooster out into the open and the firing squad began. Near misses all afternoon. I believe Bear was suffering from severe embarrassment…must be something wrong with the scope. He skimmed the bird several times but did not kill it. The kids hid under the lawn chairs…

We gave up the chase in time for the neighbors ‘soiree’ and had a few drinks in very nice company. On the way home, I suggested we visit the now sleeping rooster and end its aggressive ways.

Bear, eager for a confrontation, crept up on the sleeping beast and attempted to throttle him. He then let him go, expecting him to flop to the ground in the throws of death, and was surprised to find the bird dancing like a youngster…now ready to play! The bird had some wiley survival skills! Bear trapped and captured the bird once more (with me cheering him on), but he couldn’t get a good ‘break’ in the neck. Ever resourceful, I ran to the house and picked out a knife. Upon my return, we tried to remove the head, only to break the knife. Frustrated, but drunk, I ran back to the garage and retrieved the limb lopers. At that point Bear was convinced her had broken the poor bastards neck at last. We severed the head from the body to be sure…using the lopers! We tied the bird up by the a warning to all other birds and left it overnight.

Plucked and soaked…we have a nice soup stock tonight!


  1. riniray says

    You should write about that gone wild rooster that you had one time when we were up at your house.

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