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The Ripple Effect

This is a story about a horse and social networking.  Say what, you ask?

I remember the day I was invited to sign up for Facebook by a friend.  Don’t remember the friend, but I remember being annoyed…..thinking FB was just another tool to invade my privacy and bog down my internet traffic.  I signed up anyway, added a photo of myself and took some queer quizzes about what sort of dog I was and whether I was a redneck or not.  Then facebook suggested some friends for me.  How did it know I knew these people?  Ah, its invading my gmail address book…again, I was annoyed.   Of course a few weeks later, other friend requests came through that I though, hmmm…I haven’t spoken or emailed that person in years.  I hooked up with cousins and family that I normally don’t stay in good enough contact with (despite resolutions to the contrary).  Facebook even hooked me up with my ex-husband, Angelo.  This was becoming kind of fun now.  I was in daily contact with people I loved but for whatever reason I had lost a connection.  I mean that’s what we all want right?  A connection to other people.  A way to share our life with others and vice versa.

Recently as I neared 400 friends, I realized how blessed I was to have such a busy social life, without having to go too far or buy a plane ticket or even pick up the phone.  Many of my ‘friends’ now on FB are mere acquaintances or friends of friends, some of whom I now feel like I know very well, even if we have never met.  Its fascinating, really!

Over the past decade I have started to believe in and practice manifestation.  I keep a perfect picture of the things or events I want to see happen or come into my life and then wait.  It has never failed.  So I was not surprised when a horse meant for me popped up randomly last week on facebook.  The interesting thing is that I did not purposefully manifest this horse.  I believe my subconscious mind did.  Here’s the story as I know it….

Many of you know I rehabbed a Percheron, Reno, a couple of years ago, who completely stole my heart.  Over the past year or so I had been considering adding another percheron to my herd, possibly a teammate for Reno.  I have looked at several percherons as well as other drafts, some very pretty, and well trained. Many of these horses were outside my budget, but the truth is, I could have scrouged up the money to buy one.  But I didn’t.  I think, now, looking back, buying a well trained, perfectly sound horse wasn’t what I was looking for.  What I truly needed was to rescue a horse in need.  Which is pretty much how all the animals on my farm arrive here.  I’m a fixer.  I like to fix things.  Lets say I have a knack for it.

When I saw Ripple on the Frog Pond Farm Draft Rescue, something in my heart exploded.  That’s him, I thought, surprising myself with this odd revelation.  It was amazing how certain I was in a matter of seconds.  Stifle problems, oh goody!  So I emailed the rescue, filled out a application and got in my truck and drove to Ohio to collect him.  72 hours and 1400 miles from application to driving into the driveway with him near midnight on New Year’s Eve.

So someone asked me, “Are you going to change his name?”  Hell no.  His name so clearly illustrates the whole experience.  When I found him on FB, there was an immediate flurry of posts and comments.  Of course, I stayed connected with those interested with status updates during my trip to Ohio.  By the time I was half way to Ohio, I had dozens of people fascinated and routing me on.  What once would have been a simple road trip, became an epic journey…shared with friends, family and perfect strangers.  Yes, I now have perfect strangers as friends on FB!

Meet ‘Ripple Effect’….


  1. Susan Kelly says

    Ripple Effect is such a perfect name for your magnificant boy. I am so thrilled for him and you!!!

  2. riniray says

    he looks just like Rino, didi you see veras blog yet? there is a link called balladart on my blog

  3. He is beautiful! I don’t know if that is the correct term for a huge horse – but, I love how he looks.

    The name is perfect – Ripple Effect – and you are a lucky person to have him and so many friends in your life!

  4. Great post Jen…congrats on continuing to challenge yourself, and believing in the powers of the universe to manifest for you what you want and need.

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