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February Farm Update

Squarely in the middle of the herd...

Ripple has integrated nicely into the herd.  Still the low man in status, he can be found sharing hay with everyone, but Reno at this point.  He is starting to stand his ground more when getting pushed around and I see alot more sparring going on now.  He can be found in the middle of the herd and in the barn lying down, now.

I did fecals on everyone this week and was happy to see that Ripple did not have a heavy count, so I’ll do a course of Worm Foe from Silver Lining Herbs over the next full moon.  Its a natural wormer than simply creates an inhospitable environment for parasites by alkalizing the GI tract.  I also use Herbal Tonic from Dynamite , which is very similar.  I like to get everyone cleaned up before the snow melts, to avoid overloading the spring pastures with parasites.

We have alot of snow, so it will be some time before we see green pastures, but the days are definately getting longer and the chickens have started back into production, sure signs that spring is around the corner.  So if you are looking for some farm fresh, free range (an oxymoron in the winter), organic eggs, stop on by…the farm store is open.  Hope to have duck eggs soon.

Every February I get the gardening itch to grow something.  I will start some seeds indoors next week.  Artichokes and Hot peppers to start with…..keeps me hopeful for spring.

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