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Spring Update 2011

Spring has FINALLY sprung (I hope).  The flowers are popping, the pastures greening up and the animals are restless in their winter paddocks.  Its my favorite day in the spring when I am able to release the horses out to the summer pasture.  Its downright joyous, watching them romp and munch on the new grass.  It will need to dry out alittle more before that day comes, but it will be soon.

This is a busy time of year on the farm, with lots to do…

Piglets have arrived.  Three this year.  My niece, Marina named them Salt, Pepper and Basil.  Now there’s a kid who knows where her bacon comes from….

The calves, Tbone and Porter (aka Willy and Wally for my vegetarian friends), are settling in nicely.  I recently moved them down to the lower barn in anticipation of some electric fence training and more space for turnout.  Two days ago I let them out with Bogie as a trial.  They went right to the electric fence and put their sorry little noses squarely on the lowest strand.  Good boys.  Some lessons just have to be learned the hard way…

Porter and Tbone kick it up in their new enclosure

Just now, I was called away from my writing by the sound of thundering hooves.  I went to the window to watch Ripple and Reno tearing around their winter track.  What a sight, these huge horses galloping full speed, stop, spin, buck, run some more.    Ripple in particular is fun to watch, as he figures out how much better he feels this spring.  He moves tentatively at first, then you can see the idea click in that it feels ok to him.  Then he bucks and steps it up into high gear.  You can almost hear a ‘weeeeeeeeeee’, like a little kid on a rollar coaster, coming psychically from him.  Nothing says spring like a frisky horse!

What’s going on at Resting Heart Farm this Spring and Summer:

In the store, we currently have lots of eggs, both chicken and duck.  All are organic, free range and antibiotic free.  Our duck eggs are spectacular, with a rich buttery flavor.  They make the best omelets and frittadas, a great way to clean out your fridge leftovers on a sunday morning.

We will have fresh Goat Cheese toward the end of May.  We are expecting kids in the next week or two.  You can check our latest store offerings here.  For directions, click here.

Ripple Love Fest, Sunday, May 1st.

TBA,  June 25/26

Hands on Driving Workshop.  July 10th.  Reno and I have been asked to come teach at the Animal-Power Field Days at the NOFA Summer Conference in August.  I like to do a dry run ahead of time and this is it.  So if you have an interest in driving and want to learn more, come on over.  Donations will go to Frog Pond Draft Horse Rescue.  

Reiki Level 1.  August 7th.  Leela Olsen will return to the farm for a more formal Reiki workshop.  Proceeds will go to Frog Pond Draft Horse Rescue.

Northeast Animal-Power Field Days at NOFA Summer Conference.  August 12-14.  Amherst, MA.  Info at NOFA Summer Conference.

Draft Animal Power Network Annual Gathering at Fairwinds Farm. Sept 16-18. More details to come.

Updates to follow…Happy Spring, everyone!

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  1. Loved seeing the piglets and Tbone and Porter. My sister, Mary, really enjoyed going to the farm and getting to ride in the carriage. It really was the only “fun” thing we did while she was here. Thanks again…

    Sorry I missed today – really wanted to go – but, didn’t feel real great!

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