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Clinic Season

The last few years have been pretty lean for me in regard to formal horsemanship training time.  The farm, in general, has gotten so busy, its hard to get away.  Last summer, when I managed to attend a Karen Rohlf  clinic, I thought, ‘wow!   I really need to make the time and money available to do more of this’.  So I set aside some money each month, earmarked for clinic time this summer and I hired a teenager in town to help with farm chores while I was away…

So June is clinic month for me and the horses…

Manny and I at Karen Rohlf...

Memorial Day weekend, Manny and I will be learning Tai Chi for Horsemen with James Shaw at The Journey Horses Farm in Campton, NH.  My dear friends Tim and Trudy are hosting at their beautiful facility and I can’t wait to see them and spend some quality time with my main squeeze, Manny.

June 3rd and 4th, I will take Beaugart up to Neal Perry’s Place, in Northern Vermont for a colt start.  Bogie and I have made huge progress in our relationship over the past two months and as I predicted, taking the time to sort out the catching game has made everything else better.  Now we are ready to move forward with the nuts and bolts of his foundation.

June 9-12, Dave Ellis, 5 star PNH Instructor will teach a Level 2/3 camp at the gorgeous Ladd Farm Facility in Bridgewater.  I’ll be bringing Reno.

June 13-16, I’ll return with Manny for the Level 3/4 camp with Dave.  The emphasis will be on vaquero style ranch versatility…..cowboy dressage…my favorite.  Maybe I’ll throw Tbone and Porter in the trailer for some live cow work!

All of these clinics are open to auditors and I encourage you to get out there and expand your horsemanship.  Your horses will thank you.  Plus, these clinics are attended and hosted by some of the nicest people on the planet!

And don’t forget our own Resting Heart Farm Clinic series. 

July 11th ‘Basics of Driving’ Workshop with Ripple and Reno. 

August 7th ‘Reiki 1’ with Leela Olson of Bliss Healing Arts.

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  1. DeeDee says

    Looking forward to meeting you at Ladd Farms. Commuting in from San Francisco Bay Area for the clinic and the company.

    And yes, Clinics are an amazing opportunity to re-open old eyes to see old things new and insert new ideas in cobwebbed winter brains.

    ANd have a chance to get away and focus like you just can’t at home.

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