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Resting Heart Farm

I moved in here at 18 Cross Place in Springfield, NH on Tax Day April 17th 2006. The house was pretty new and sat on top of a hill overlooking a 6 acre hayfield. What a great place to start!

This photo was taken from my deck and represents the end of 5 months of hard work. First was the a 12 x 28 run and initial fencing (which simply enclosed the entire field) so Manny and Canon could finally come home with me. I had intended to wait till next year to build a barn, but the universe would not wait and my barn began construction in late July. Two weeks ago stage 2 of my fencing went in (divided the pasture into three areas) and my new baby belgian, Peanut arrived with his mom, Sally (pictured above). A week later, Doc arrived. Doc is Timo’s retired levels horse and I immediately put him in with Mom and baby to help with weaning. I knew I would want to wean Peanut sooner than later, as Sally was a very introverted, skeptical mare and I wanted to limit her influence over Peanut. After all, he was not imprinted, has never been haltered or handled and has never been under a roof except for the short trailer ride to my place. Three days ago, I separated Mom and baby (3 1/2 months old)…not so much as a nicker between them…no stress at all. I left her in view till yesterday, when her owner came and collected her. Peanut was amazingly calm, no theatrics at all…in fact, Doc was more upset at Sally’s departure than Peanut. More evidence to me of how miraculous this whole place feels to me. I now have a herd of four…and a barn nearly completed with 4 stalls and a hayloft packed to the brim with hay. Life is so good…no…it is perfect.

More on Peanut and the barn coming….

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