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The Barn….part 1

The footprint of my new barn went in in late July.
36 x 36’…essentially a ‘rubics cube’ in design. 3 dirt floored stalls, a 12 x 36 aisleway, and then 1 stall, a tack room and a feed room. The builder started work before I got approved for the loan from the bank (which later fell through, yikes)…but as with any really exciting creation…it can be difficult to slow down forward motion.

You can see that the second floor hayloft only comes across the aisle way so I can just throw hay over the railing into the stalls. The stalls on this end simply open out to the pasture, have removable dividers so in the summer the whole bay will act as a huge run-in shed.

The roof was up and shingled in 2 days…amazing. The local builder I hired cut all the rafters by hand. Not a single pre-fab item. Was cool to see how it came together.

From this view you can see the central aisleway and the beginnings of the feed and tack rooms.

This was the first week of Sept….getting close now…even have hay in the loft!

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