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How do dogs know?

Over the years I have read stories reporting evidence that dogs ‘know’ when their ‘person’ is coming home (before they actually arrive).  Some of it seems plausible, but on the other hand…who really knows what our dogs are thinking.  Mom has always told me that Max (my devoted 2 yo rescued mutt) ‘knows’ when I am nearly home.  He goes to the door and begs to be freed.  She sees or hears no sign of me, but as soon as she lets him out he goes running for the road and then she sees my truck take the turn onto Philbrick Hill, which is still quite aways from home.  How does he know?  I’ve always passed it off as coincidence…

So I have arrived home from my 5 day trip and found the dogs…both Max and Newt (my yorkie) exhuberantly waiting for me…..not a surprise.  I phone Carolyn once I settled and thank her for caring for the horses and dogs, as well as keeping mom company for the weekend.  She made the oddest report.  She told me that all week and weekend the dogs have followed her everywhere and been completely in her lap.  However, starting this morning, the dogs started distancing themselves and spent the day looking out the windows.  How odd, given that I started my trip early this am.  The striking thing is that it made such an impression on her and so much so that she made a point of telling me about it.    So do dogs really know?


  1. riniray says

    I just noticed that Oscar and Buddy only chase bus 13 and bus 16, the buses that we ride so I think they know it is us. Oh, and by the way I just put up a new post and recipe. 🙂

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