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Did you ever hear the story of the ‘Ugly Duckling’?

Bogie's mane was one massive, dreadlocked, matte of a mess...

You know the one where he finally realizes he is a beautiful swan…

I finally got some clear photos of Beaugart in his ‘ugly duckling’ state.  Truth is, he looks better everyday!  He has integrated nicely into the herd.  I caught him playing with Doc yesterday…shoulder to shoulder.  Every morning I find Manny standing near Bogie…both of them snoozing.  He starts pushing him around when he realizes I’m there with breakfast….but I know he likes him 🙂  Reno’s another story.  I’m convinced Bogie has never seen a mammal as big as Reno and he will not stand within 20 feet of him.  They’ll get there I suppose…

I shut Bogie in a stall at night for the last couple of nights, just to be sure he was getting his fair share of hay and to monitor his fluid intake.  I also needed to get some wormer into him.  That sure proved challenging!  I finally had to blindfold him to get  it into him.  I guess I’ll be working on that with him in the near future.  But tonight I found him drinking out of the main water trough and mom said he has been with the herd all day, so I thought he might be ready to go it on his own out with the herd tonight.  Its very good progress in just 5 days!

Photo credits go to my friend (with a nicer camera), Jean Cross…Thanks!

Its not pretty but at least I didn't have to roach it!

Alittle ribby....but already looks less tucked up


  1. Sharon Wright says

    Butterfly/Willow is doing incredible well. She’s put on a lot of weight. Working on picking up her feet without concern. She is the sweetest girl. I mixed her wormer into her treat glop (oil, applesauce, molasses, cinnamon, ginger, & ground flax seed); she ate it right down. Yippee! Her mane and tail are gorgeous; you could have floated a boat in the amount of Cowboy Magic I used, need to buy stock in the company. The vet said the rain rot isn’t active. I was thrilled that I don’t need to put her through clipping as we build our trust relationship. Just curry combing with a super soft one and the “pom poms” are flying off, only on her left hind now. Double yippee!

    Oh my gosh, I love this girl soooo much. I’ve posted pics on Trish’s site.

  2. Jennifer says

    That’s great Sharon! Can you share Trish’s website addie, so I can check it out?

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